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Things happening in 2018

The world is going towards innovation day by day. There are so many things that will happen in the year of 2018. This World is going toward the revolution in every single field, it is technology, Bio, space technology, artificial technology and so many like this. If you want to be a researcher or want to do anything new in the world you can check it. These changing will guide you where the World is going and you can also follow the trends. Because it is the future and you have to follow the future.

Following are the major things which are going to happen in 2018:


  • India launches its first space mission to the moon

  • Scientists begin testing CRISPR gene editing on humans

  • NASA’s robotic lander InSight lands on Mars

  • Aquaculture provides the majority of the world’s seafood

  • A vaccine for type 1 diabetes beings human trials

  • The world’s population exceeds 7,600,000,000 people

  • Bitcoin price hits $60,000 per coin

  • Scientists drill into Earth’s mantle to explore its composition

  • World sales of electric vehicles reaches 5,200,000

  • New Zealand shuts down its last large coal-fired power generators

  • Several complex surgeries are now performed by robots

  • Japan lands an unmanned probe on the Moon

  • The Japanese Hayabusa-2 probe arrives at asteroid Ryugu

  • Male birth control pills and creams become commercially available

  • Europe and Japan launch an orbiter and a lander to Mercury

  • Polio largely eradicated globally

  • Around 84% of web traffic now coming from videos

  • China lands its Chang’e-4 lander on the dark side of the moon

  • NASA’s mission OSIRIS-REx begins surveying an asteroid called Bennu

  • Scientists begin testing techniques on humans

  • Singapore stops adding cars to the roads

Research Credit: Science Nature Page

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