Which type of personalities are successful | Theory

What is personality?

Personality is a set of behavior, habits and the emotional pattern of any individual.

Which type of personalities are successful??

Here is two types of personalities:

  • Introverts
  • Extroverts

1: Introverts

Introverts people are such people who are not expressive. Thay can not express their emotions. They are quiet and private. They meet with people and live with people but not make a social circle. Such people face so many difficulties to express anything.

For example:

There are so many professors who have huge knowledge but can not deliver it. Because there is lack of communication skills. They can not come to the level of others and deliver it. They spend their most of time with himself so they don’t have any idea to communicate with another one.

2: Extroverts

Extroverts are the vice versa of introverts. They will not fell relax until they cant meet with their social circle, chit-chat, and discussion with them. It means they have a lot of “Hello Hey” with peoples. And they have the very wide area of peoples, peoples are his relaxation.

For example:

Extroverts personalities have a job of database analyst. He has an Apple laptop, air conditioner room and a lot of luxuries. But he will not satisfy. Because this job is not matching with his personality.

So, the first step is to discover “Which type of personality you have?”. Personality has the main role in your success and works you choose. If you are working according to your personality you will enjoy your work.
And the big reason of wrong decision is that people don’t know about their personalities and their interest. And waste their whole life.

Sometimes I pretend to be normal. But it gets boring…
So I go back to being me.


My level of maturity change depending on who I’m with.



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