What is Friendship? | Qualities | Psychological approach

What is friendship??

Friendship is the relation between friends.
By Psychology, friendship is not just a relation but it is the emotional relationship and mutual affection.

Every single person has emotion(degree of pleasure or displeasure) and his emotions are dependent on the other person. Most of the people have friends but they can not share their emotions with a single one. Because they are unaware of the taste of friendship. Shearing of emotions is like as taking the breath. Otherwise, your useless thoughts and question answers with yourself are the main cause of stress.

Said: “A friend a relaxation from stress”

‘Friendship is that appreciation which allows you to release your emotion, tension, and stress. Sharing of pain with anyone who cares about you and gives you appreciation can reduce your pain half. When he says “Don’t worry I am with you, you are not alone. Your problem is mine. Your pleasure is mine

Friends qualities:

  • Feeling lucky to have him.
  • Due to mutual affection, they can judge the mood of one other by the facial expression instead by words.
  • They can talk many hours without the topic.
  • Thay can laugh without any reason, people think they are stupid.
  • Their sadness away from a single smile.
  • With them, you will be out formed space and time.
  • They will never misguide you.
  • They work your happiness.
  • Impossible to forget them.
  • Without them, you think you are missing anything.
  • They play an important role in your bright future.
    So many things that impose you to join their company.



True Friends are never apart maybe in destance but never in hurt


We need only two close friends in which we can trust and share emotion. Having too much friends is linked to depression and stress


A true friend is the greatest of all blessing.


True Friendship isn’t about being their when it’s convenient; it’s about being their when it’s not.


At some point, You have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life

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