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Top 5 Short Haircuts with Highlights of 2018

Coloring short hairs with highlights are the easiest way to make it edgy and interesting.

Super short haircuts are definitely a style trend for 2018, and that includes everything from shaved sides to a-line bobs. We’ve come up with an extensive list of some awesome short haircut ideas.

You love your pixie cut or can’t wait for the short crop to grow out, you can add highlights and lowlights to give your hairs some depth, tone, and texture. There are many options, from traditional blonde highlights platinum or hot pink or copper. If you don’t like them you can easily color them with a different color every few months.


1: Dark Hair, Bright ‘Lights

Bright highlights above, a dark hair below, deliberate ombre touches all throughout — it’s such an iconic look. Platinum highlights for short hair became a thing with Madonna, way back in the ’80s.


2: Dark Red Hair with Copper Highlights

This is absolutely stunning. One of the great things about dressing up short hair with highlights and look better is that it can take bright colors. Here, dark red hair brightens up even more to the layers of gold, pale copper, and light auburn. If you want a red ‘do. this is the way to do it.


3:  Shaggy Bob hair Style with Caramel Highlights

Caramel is very attractive color. Don’t ever mistake to think brown for boring, especially when it comes to hair. Here, caramel and copper highlights or color brighten up brown hair. These highlight color would look good on black hair as well. but they’d stand out even more than they do here.


4: The Black and White Angel

This isn’t really black and white, of course, but it’s close enough, Platinum highlights on short black hair look nothing short of amazing. this look is punk rock, dramatic and incredibly photogenic, as you can see. Also, awesome that.


5: A Real Rose Gold

These are also one of the most dynamic short hair highlights ever you see, The shock of yellow blonde beneath the rosy light brown is remarkable – it really does look like rose gold. in short: love and only love.


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