Successful Vs Unsuccessful people | Thinking differences

Successful people Vs. Unsuccessful people

 Successful people:

Definition of success change from person to person. A level of success depends on the person’s wish. How a person set his level of success. If you set your unique goal or the way to achieve a goal, you will be motivation for the society. Your value in your society, in people minds and how people react on your face and behind the face define your success.

When your ‘signature’ changes to ‘autograph’

Unsuccessful people:

Unsuccessful people can be simply defined as ‘nothing is affected by their living or not’. Real e is people. If you are successful people will with you otherwise people will not give you value because you are not giving the value to people. That is the big thing failure of unsuccessful people. They think they will be successful without people this thing make them unsuccessful. They afraid of failure.

Failure is not the opposite of success, its a part of success.But with learning not quitting.


Here is core thinking difference of successful people vs. unsuccessful people:

Successful People Unsuccessful People
 1: Embrace Change 1: Afraid of Change
2: Talk about Ideas 2: Talk about Others
3: Take Responsibility 3: Blame others for their mistakes
4: Continuously learn new things 4: Think they know all
5: Forgive Other 5: Hold Grudges
6: Want others to succeed 6: Want others to fail
7: Give value 7: Take the value
8: Make pure Relations 8: Relation when a need
9: Work on things(Success) 9: Think about things(Success)
10: Think about Future 10: Criticize own Past


Best of Luck. And any suggestion about successful people vs unsuccessful people.
Be the Successful.

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