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North Korea has different strange and surprising facts and laws to follow which you may not know. Some of these facts are following:

1. North Korea has only three TV channels.


There are number of channels on our televisions. But in North Korea, there are only three TV channels for Korean people to watch because they have no other choice. Government control all the shows on the TV channels.

2. Year 107, according to Korean Calendar

North Korea has its own Calendar, which bases on the birth of Kim ll_ Sung’s 1912. So, the year in Korea is 107 not 2017.

3. Elections And Only One option.

There Are Elections After every Five Years. But there is only one option. Every person should vote and 100% vote rate for the Leader.

4. 28 Official Hair Styles.

North Korean government has officially 28 hair styles approved for all men and women. Korean people have to follow these hair styles only. This law was introduced in 2013 by Kim Jong-Un. He did not include his hair style because he wanted it unique.

5. Three Generations Punishment Rule.

According to the law of North Korea, if a person commit a crime, it affects there whole family. Because whole family will bear the punishment of crime. Grandparents, Parents and Children of that person are sent to work with them.

6. North Korea has its own Basket Ball Rules.

North Korea change the entire game. In North Korea, there are three points of a slam dunk not two. In the final three minutes there are eight points of a field goal. If a player miss free throws, one point is deducted.

7. A student has to pay for desk and Chairs.

Parents who send there children to school has to pay for the desk and chairs separately. Students has to pay for everything they use in school except teacher. Due to this parents who cannot bear these expenses secretly pull their children from school.


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