Railway Vs Road transport – Land Transport | Types of transportation

Railway Vs Road Transport – Land Transport


Transportation was a very serious issue till now. It is a part of human psycho that he wants to move from one place to other within seconds. And with the passage of time, he is successful in reducing time. Now he can cover the distance of years in days and days in hours.

As, where the human is successful in achieving a big success of reducing the distance as where he is facing so many problems, that are due to these transport system that he made. As to where his transport system is very fast, efficient and effective as where it is dangers for lives and change our environment very rapidly due to transports’ waste.


Types of Transportation


There are main three modes of transport that can be called types of transportation that are following:

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Land Transport

And it has many sub transport system. e.g Animal-powered, Human-powered, Pipeline, Space transport, Unmanned aerial vehicle transport etc.


Land Transport


Here, we are only discussing land transport. It has two parts.

  1. Road Transport
  2. Rail Transport

1. Road Transport:


Road transport is the key point of transportation. It is the easiest way to cover the short distance with local or with your own transport. Road transport is too good someone can count so many benefits of its transportation.


But the most dangers thing is that road transport needs a good infrastructure, fast and environment-friendly vehicles and a good citizen who can obey all rules. Unfortunate these things are so many difficult to achieve.
– Because infrastructure should be improved with time and its mantainace cost will be high as such road will be long and so many things that relate to infrastructure.
– The second thing is modernization with time, it means technology is improving day by day and we must have to work on it and its implementation will be necessary. e.g Hybrid cars and electric cars
– And the third thing is educated and civilized citizens that is so much difficult task for underdeveloped countries.
In the same way, road transport system has so many hardtails.

2: Rail Transport:


Rail transport is on trending in civilized and developed countries because the big the reason is that it is fast, economical and tension free transport system.

Key points:

  • It is economical for the passengers as well as government.
  • It is the one-time investment of government.
  • It is fast transport system.
  • It can carry many passengers at a time.
  • It doesn’t need so many educated people like manage road transport.
  • It the best for logistics.
  • It is more efficient for heavy goods.
  • It is more comfortable, easy to manage and tension free system for passengers.
  • It is environment-friendly.
  • It much secures then vehicles to manage to control.
  • On train shows one man show. But on road, you have to save yourself as well as others.
  • It can empty your roads from heavy traffic as well as for LTV.


Rail transport system has not many hardtails. It needs one-time huge investment. Railway system is not like a small project, its need long-term planning. Railway track cannot access all points in the city like roads, so why it is too much difficult to manage the in-city traffic with railway transport. Railway transport system can not allow so many stops, that why local passenger does not feel comfortable with but city to city traveler will prefer it.


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