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Trends mean change of anything on the certain direction, development of anything or change of behavior of people in the certain direction. It can also associate with the change of situation and people react to that situation.
It can be fashion, sports, technology, games, politics and so many things like that…

What will happen if you do not adopt the trends?

Almost all people work and behave according to the trends. They change themselves with the change in trends. A person or any identity which will not modernize himself will lose his caliber. It will consider as old age person. With the passage of time, it will consider a story of past. It can not compete with their opponent and society.

Here, the big example and lesson for us, we should work according to trends.

Nokia, The biggest name in the IT and Phone industry. Nokia was the biggest brand and had his own identity. Nokia had a big fan following like Apple has now the days. But there was a blunder in the Nokia company that they can not adopt the change, they can not work on the trends. In those days android was going to the peak. People were converting very rapidly to words android but Nokia cannot judge the change and loss his market value. They convert himself to Windows phone.


Feilds Trends of 2018


Feilds trends of 2018 which will change very fastly you should adopt them to living update with society. These trends will change very rapidly year to year so, you should work on it to live a standard life and your existence in society.


  1. Fashion

  2. Technology

  3. Education

  4. Politics

  5. Style

  6. Movies, Games

  7. Social Media

  8. Movements

  9. Business

  10. Nature

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