Invention Ideas Which can Change the World | By Bill Gates

Invention Ideas Which can Change the World

This is facts which can never be changed that when Johan Kotanbrg invent the Printing Press its change the whole concept in the human history. And the same way Thums Adesan who invented the Bulb, Jonak Salak’s Vaccine and Grace’s compiler are the biggest inventions which have their own credibility in the human’s history. Because these inventions change the direction of human’s history.
So now its the demand of the time to invent a new thing or come up with the new idea of the invention which also can change the direction of the humans.

I have some suggestions, ideas for future or new inventions which should be under consideration are following.

Six Ideas Which Can Change Human’s History


  1. Better Storage of Vaccine

    It is the greatest revolution in the history of humanity that Vaccine save million is lives. But now to save the vaccine is a very big problem. Because we don’t have a reliable, cheap and easy to move refrigerator that can store these vaccines for a long time with its real purification.

  2. Geans Editing

    Geans Editing is its initial stage but if we can edit a gean than it can also change the concept of living. Because of disease attack on the geans but if we can edit the geans than we can save lives and also control these diseases from spreading. Like Maliriya

  3. Solar Energy

    Solar Energy is the power to control Global warming. The biggest threat to humanity is Global Warming. But Solar Energy is the best alternative. I hope in the future it will be common in use with the excess of every single person and every field will use this energy.

  4. mRNA Vaccines

    Now the days the use of Vaccine in the form of inactive viruses. But now the scientists keep on searches that we should work on Genetic Material. With the help of these materials, we can activate the power of fight against diseases. This will be a huge change in the human’s history.

  5. Fix Madison Dose

    This is a very important need of the time. There are a lot of people whose needs some dose of Madison daily but it is a difficult task. We should make a device which could be inserted into the human body due to this we can measure the need for the dose every time in the human body and can give it automatically.

  6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    The biggest and the worst working and researching field is AI. Because it is able to change the whole universe. So I think if anyone wants pay to this universe he should be work on it. AI is the future of this universe.
    It will come with a lot of advantages and as well as disadvantages. So we must have to work on both ends of this AI technology.


Credit Ideas: Bill Gates CEO Microsoft

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