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How to overcome your boredom? What to do when bored?

. Boredom

Boredom seems to be a specific mental state that people find unpleasant.

‘Boredom is related to one’s psyche and emotions. Boredom is experienced when someone doesn’t feel joy and happiness in a specific environment, person or in some specific activities.’

. Types of boredom

there are five types of boredom


A person who is calm and withdrawn from his or her external world.

Calibrating :

it includes wandering thoughts, not knowing what to do.

Searching :

A person might think about alternative activities, hobbies, leisure, or work.

Reactant :

The highest levels of negative emotions. A person has a strong motivation to escape his or her boring situation and avoid those responsible for it.

Apathetic :

This is a positive type of boredom. The person enjoys this phase and creates creative ideas.

Negative effects of  boredom

Research shows boredom to be responsible for following negative deeds:

  1. .Drug and alcohol abuse
  2. .Dependence
  3. .Depression
  4. .Anxiety
  5. .Poor academic performance
  6. .Poor interpersonal skills
  7. .Feelings of anger
  8. .Aggression
  9. .Somatization
  10. .Poor sensitivity
  11. .Risk taking
  12. .Compulsive actin

How to eliminate boredom? Things to do when retired and bored 

Here I’ve found some ways to overcome one’s boredom and things to do when retired and bored :

  1.  Do, in which you find joy
  2.  Be Socialise
  3.  Explore something new
  4.  Read books, Play games, Write something
  5.  Make your schedule busy
  6.  Create new challenges
  7.  Plan a day
  8. Make friends
  9. Join any company which make you happy
  10. Explore your boring reason with friends


A life without Challenges and Friends is Boring.


There is no time to be bored in the world as beautiful as this.


The perfect is Boring

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