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How to get views on YouTube

The biggest thing in online earning on youtube is views on a video. As many views, a video has it will be able to earn much money. There are many things in a video to get many views and high ranking.

There are following things in a video to get more views, and you have to work on it.


  • Title

  • Description

  • Tags

  • Thumbnail

  • Sharing


1: Title

A title is the first thing which a search engine look for. Your title should be knowing and have well-reputed against the search engine. You first have to work on the title. There are many platforms to check for your title that how much this keyword you are choosing as a title is searching. They will show you the volume of search against this keyword.
Here, you have to work and select the best keyword which has minimum searching volume 10k to 100k.
For searching and selection of your best title I will recommend you to use is Google Keyword Planner.

2: Description

The description also helps your video to get more views and get well repute in front of the search engine. The search engine also read your description. It’s better that it is more relevant to your youtube video and briefly describe your video. The description is the part for beginners, people they have well-reputed youtube channel they are not much concerned it.

3: Tags

Tags are the most important thing in video ranking. Because the title of any video has the limited explanation of the video in the means of the keyword. Tags are that thing that people search related to your video’s title. Tags play an important role in searching. If your video has much more strong tags there is maximum chance to get more views on your video.
For this, you have to know that which video is on the top in the search engine on which topic you are uploading video. If you can copy the tags of that video which is on the top of the search engine, you can also rank your video on youtube search engine. The best tool is TubeBuddy for youtube. It is the extension of the search engines like crome. You can add it. It will show you tags as well as earning of the spacific video.
Due to this you can add ranked tags to your video. It will help you to get more views on your youtube videos.

4: Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the picture title of your video. It also should be attractive. If it will be attractive and detailed with a picture, due to this people want to watch your video and it is the best source of getting more traffic to your youtube videos.

5: Sharing

Sharing is the best source of getting much more traffic in the short time. There are many social media platforms to share your content. You just have to write an attractive description of your video with the amazing thumbnails and share on the social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

social media photo

Apply these techniques to hard work on your youtube video definitely, you will get it results in your video in the form of views.

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