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How to earn money from youtube


Youtube is most popular and the big platform for video browsing. It is the product of Google. Youtube is the very reliable platform for online learning and earning. A large number of people which are earning a satisfactory amount of money. If you are willing and really willing then you can definitely earn from youtube. Because youtube wants a consistent person with consistency. First 4 month, you don’t think about earning only focus on working than earning will be you a bi-product with fame.

Here in this article, we will tell you to make the procedure of making youtube channel step by step.

Steps for online earning on YouTube

how to create a youtube channel??

  1. Make a Gmail ID:

    The first step you have to make simply a Gmail account by filling the following this form.

  2. Sing in with that ID on youtube

    By using this Gmail ID you have to sign in on youtube and you will get some following view.

  3. Make a youtube channel

    Set a name of your youtube channel by filling such looking form.

  4. Upload a video

    Simply click on upload video and select a video from your PC for youtube.

  5. Basic information about video you upload

    Fill the following such looking form for your video. This is the most important part of your video uploading section. Because here title, description, and tags are the backbone of you your youtube video. If you want to earn much from your video then you have to focus on it.

  6. Monetization

    Monetization is also a process which will active on your youtube channel after 10,000 views of your channel. Monetization means you allow youtube to place ads on your videos.

  7. Adsense Account approved

    It is a procedure to get ads money in you absence account and place ads on your video through this account.


Question is how I will earn form uploading a simple video…

When you upload your video on your channel then people will watch your video. And with the help of monetization Goole will place ads on your video and you will earn from this way. As many views you have as much earned you can.

This is a very reliable platform for online earning. From youtube, you can earn hundreds of dollar per month easily.

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