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Does facebook pays for video views now??

Now the day’s facebook is not paying for video views, sharing or page like. Because there is no ad on the Facebook video like Youtube. Youtube and daily motion pay to content creator 55% of the ad revenue which display before the video. But Facebook doesn’t have any stuff before videos, but if Facebook wants its existence for a long time it should must have to take some such steps to award their users.

According to BBC:


Facebook user clock up billions video daily which is alarming for Youtube. Due to which many broadcasters announced it would stream some its shows and programs on Facebook.

Facebook has 2 billion active users per month.

Facebook has announced its video feed which provides some video to high-rank users and media companies who satisfy its condition. And the video that keeps the users watching for a long time has more revenue from its ads.

Youtube allows the users to monetize his video but facebook do it with some people.

Youtube gives you the result for any video in the fast time but Facebook can’t they are solving their such problems.

Now Facebook is fastly moving toward the video space according to an advertiser in  IHS consultancy.

There will be the monetization battle between Facebook and Youtube.

Facebook is paying for videos but only a few people, those who have so many viewers on their live streaming on Facebook.

But till Now facebook earning from all sides through ads, booster etc. And not giving to any stack holder just employee. So it’s revenue increase very rapidly.

I hope you got the idea whats going on with Facebook. And which steps are improvements they need to make.

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