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Bitcoin future price predictions

Price of anything depends on the demand and supply rule. If the demand for anything increases price will definitely increase and on the other hand if the supply will be limited then price will also increase. The demand for anything is the willingness of that thing, how many people want to take that thing or want to buy that thing. The supply is an availability of anything(product, good, service) for the purchase at any specified price or amount.

In the case of Bitcoin, we can predict its future price if we can understand its demand and supply ratio.

Bitcoin Supply(Minning):

If we relate Bitcoin with Gold. Here is the limited amount of Gold in the word which is mined out of the ground. In the same way, Bitcoin also mined form its certain procedure, and its procedure is set by the founder of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a limited or finite numbers which can get by mining as same like Gold because gold also has a limitation on the ground. The total number of bitcoins that can be mined is 21 Million BTC. It is set by its founder.

Till now Bitcoin circulating supply is around 17 million.

First around 17 million Bitcoin mined in about 9 years. Our Technology is growing very fast but it is too slow to mine the next 5 million Bitcoins. So the Experts says that there is need of 130 years more to mining of that 5 million Bitcoins. 

Due to this fact supply will be limited. So that around 17 million Bitcoins will be in circulation and new bitcoin come into existent very slowly. That’s why we can say Bitcoin’s future price will jump very fastly in next years.

Bitcoin Demand:

Due to change in time trends also change. First newspaper then T.V then Cable/dish then social media now you can manage your own media. This is change and the same type of change or updations occur in every field.

But when we observe the Bitcoin system it relates to the advance banking system. In current banking and transaction system work as a third party but Bitcoin blockchain system is one to one and much easy to adopt. People are converting their trend towards bitcoin.
People are buying Bitcoin as their property. Same as buying and selling of property, bitcoin trading is in existence.
The big platforms of business are approving the currency for trading. e.g Alibaba, Amazon
Some big countries approve this cryptocurrency for trading.

Its a greatest revolution in the world of technology and transaction system. And with the passage of time people are accepting cryptocurrency. And its demand is increasing. In the last week, its price was $20000.


After reading that facts of demand and supply you can predict Bitcoin future price.


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