Be A Better Athlete


A person who takes part in the physical exercise to complete the other one called an athlete.

How to become a better Athlete:

If you want to be a good athlete you must have to follow the following 10 points. These points give you the guide line to accomplish your goal to be an athlete.

  1. Physical Fitness

    Physical fitness is the play role as a back bone to be an athlete. The fitness of mind and body is very also necessary for daily life but for the athlete, it is a magic key. So, if you are doing any unphysical activity which is damaging your body or mind, leave it.

  2. Interest Area

    Now the main thing is to find your interest area. Because interest will help you to work hard, it will work like your motivation. Your interest is that game which is beyond of rest, sleep, money or anything else which demotivate you.
    Some guys play cricket in full hot sun because it is their interest.
    So you should have to find your that interest area.
  3. Set a goal

    Goal setting has a very vital role in your life as well as your career. So here to make a name for your game you must have to set your goal, where you want to go, what you want to achieve.

  4. Practice individually or with the coach

    Practice on your game your self and also hire a coach who guides you and gives you tips. Your individual struggle will increase your stamina and coach will shine your stamina in right way.

  5. Have a positive attitude

    A positive attitude is much more important for an Olympic athlete. Your learning attitude, the way of talking, the way of listening and so many things count in the better personality. So also work on it.

  6. Work on your skills and abilities

    Skills and Abilities both are different things. Skills are a thing that can be learned and abilities are to handle anything or being able to do any task.

  7. Mentally sharpness

    A mentally sharp person has extra power to compete with anyone. So when you are practicing your game, be focus on every step this will sharpen your mind.

  8. Take care of your body

    During practicing or normal life you must have to care or your body. Your body fitness is very important for accomplishing your goals.

  9. Away from tension

    Tension is a thing which can make you loose. Won and Loss is a part of the game, but if losing create demotivation it is tension. So try to away from tension and learn from that situation, why I lose it else making it a headache
  10. Guide the others

    Now if you want to shinier your skills and game. Teach to others, what you get or what you lose. And share your experience.

    Thanks and work on these Tips. And leave your experience and suggestion.


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