6 Signs – Your Phone is Hacked |

How to Identify that your Smartphone or Tablet is Hacked!


There is no device in the world that cannot be hacked. So, Your smartphone is also not in a private zone, it can be checked or access by someone.

There are some Possible things which happen when your smartphone or Tablet is Hacked:

Your Smartphone runs slower than before :

Malware or viruses run in the background processes, So it can impact the Performance of your smartphone. Suddenly phone seems to be slower and updates performed automatically.

Sending & Receiving Messages :

Your phone will automatically send or receive messages. You will see some strange messages received on your phone.

Installation of Apps :

If new apps are suddenly starting installation which you don’t installed then there is a possibility that phone is hacked. Search for the apps which are installed and check what google says about them.

Battery drains Faster :

Malware is running in the background which means extra processes are running, therefore, your phones battery drains faster than before. Malware processes decrease the Battery time of your phone.

The phone gets warm quickly :

If your phone starts warming quickly even when there is no process running on your phone( for example you are not making calls or not doing any work) then there are some unknown apps which are running in the background.

Your phone access sites automatically :

If there is a network connection connected to your device and phone starts accessing bad sites automatically then there is malware in the background processes in your phone and your phone is hacked.


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