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8 Best Investments Ideas Better than Cash

Investment in the right idea is the real investment. Most of the people have money but they don’t have any idea where they can invest and some people want to invest in the idea with there cash where when they need money they can rapidly sale it within days.

Investment with the liquidity means your money is using in the business but when you want to sell it and want to get back your real investment, it will be able to sell it very fastly within days. So then you must invest in the following 8 ideas instead put your money in the bank or the in the form of paper money.

The investing ideas will come back to your hand with the real investment and with your profit but you have to wait and little bit work on it for 6 to 8 years. Because these investment ideas are not the only alternative to your money but will give you a good profit. IA. And the last and main thing is that profit and loss is the main part of any business but here in the following ideas so miner chance of loss, at the end with the very bad strategy you will definitely get your real investment back. So it up to your work style and main on your strategy.

If you have $1000, you can invest in any business idea you can start with less than it.

Investing in these Ideas is better than Cash

  1. Gold

    Gold is the good alternative to your cash. Because your cash is just cash which you are not using but Bank is using and making the profit from your cash. But Gold is not like your cash it is with the up and down procedure and it is liquidity cash. Whenever you want to sell it you can easily sell it.

  2. Silver

    Silver is also getting demand in the market. It also likes Gold you just have to purchase it and forget about it. But when you want to sell it will be selling hand to hand.

  3. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

    Cryptocurrency is the hottest topic of now the days. The biggest name for cryptocurrency is BitcoinYou just have to buy it and don’t worry about it. Its value is jumping from days to days. And it is also liquidity cash. The amazing thing about it that you can predict Bitcoin’s future price by stats.

  4. Privet Equity

    Here you have to become a silent partner of any other’s running business. You have to invest your some money in his business and buy 1 to 2% share of his business. By this, you can get your percentage from his business after a  month or year according to deal. It is also able to sell hand to hand, you can sell your share easily.

  5. Trees

    Trees are also a very valuable investment. You have to grow some fruit, dry-fruit or any wooden trees and pay heed few months after that don’t worry and wait for 2 to 5 years. It’s time to get back your investment with the profit.

  6. Land (Property)

    Property is a very reliable place to invest. Every single person knows about it because its value will never slip down. Its value always increases and able to sell hand by hand at any time.

  7. Honey

    Honey is the only one thing which will be in the real condition after a long time. And after the passing time, its demand will be increased. You can sell it very easily and you can also start it as your side business by selling it at the retail price.

  8. Foreign Currency

    Foreign Currency is also very good reversible to your cash. Its value also increases and it also able to exchange any time at the current rate. It is a very good business.


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