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15 Clever Psychological Tricks Everyone Should Know

Psychology has best tricks to handle different situations. In the daily life, we face different types of situations that need your facial expression not your words. Psychology deal with human’s mind and human’s mind deal with daily situations and if you interact with psychology you can easily deal with situations.

Here are following psychological tricks, everyone should know…


  1. Silence is Key

    If you ask someone a question and they avoid answering, hold eye contact and remain silent.

  2. Chew Gum

    It stops anxiety and nervousness by  tricking your brain that you are eating and not in a dangerous situation

  3. Laugh of Love

    When you laugh, you instinctively look at the people you feel closest to

  4. They Already know

    Phrases like “I think…” are redundant, it’s implied because you are the saying it

  5. Keep Your Calm

    Especially in an argument, it trains a person to lose their tantrums by you not reacting

  6. Way You Act, Way You Feel

    Emotions come with physical expressions and vise verse, If You want to feel happy, Smile a lot

  7. Confidence is Brilliance

    Act confidently in what you are doing and people will think you are expert

  8. Interviewers Are Human

    Imagine you are old friends with your interviewers and keep your cool

  9. Set Example in Behavior

    Behave the way you want others to, some may model your behaviors

  10. Avoid Attack

    If you expect to be attacked by someone in the meeting, sit right next them, they will less comfortable to attack you

  11. Let Them See How They Look

    Put up mirrors, people act nicer when they can see how they are acting

  12. Ask For More, Then For Less

    People agree to smaller favors after they have been asked for something larger first

  13. Skip the Stress

    Stress and exhilaration are similar feelings, decide to look at a stressful situation as an exhilarating one

  14. Associate With Fun

    Take a first date somewhere fun and exciting, they will link the feeling with you

  15. Eye Contact

    Try noticing someone’s eye color, all the hues, they will like you even more

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